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Cathe Bain is a renowned Florida artist. She works at her studio in Dunedin and on location. Cathe comes from a family of artists. Her father Dick loomis is listed in "Who's Who in American Art", and with her uncle Joe Kaufman was a member of the Society of Illustrators. Her mother Connie loomis, was best known for her fashion illustrations. Cathe began her education as a Regents Art Scholar in high school, and continued her formal education at the Rochester Institute of Technology where she studied portraiture, illustration, photography, printmaking, and painting. As an avid photographer, Cathe often paints from her pictures, creating watercolors, pastels and oils.


Though her talents include figure drawing, pen and ink, and landscapes in oil and watercolor, pastel portraits are most important to her. Cathe loves the challenge of creating and exact likeness of her subjects, whether people or animals. Cathe is a member of the Portrait Institute.